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Parenting is getting complex with every generation and consequently we have more confused life patterns in the society than before. Most parents today are mostly happy engaging their children in academics (school and tuition), sports camp, drawing school, dance classes, etc. But the question that remains unanswered is: What is the child capable of and what does he/she want to do?

We see everyday examples of mismatch between the preferences of an individual and the career options they have. Whether it is an engineer turning a film maker quitting his high paid job or a doctor giving up her practice to become an interior designer, the difference is growing. This is where we feel that the career development of an individual needs care along with the overall development of their personality.

At Gene2genius, we nurture your child’s personality through a holistic development program, which encompasses, physical, mind, psychological, spiritual and social development. We first gain insight into your child’s natural strengths and interests through a biometric assessment. Based on this input we design a customized holistic development program for your child.

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Dr Ashwini Lakshminarayana Shastry


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