Dr Ashwini Lakshminarayana Shastry

Ashwini is a passionate and purpose driven woman entrepreneur who is on a mission to help people live a happier and fulfilling life.

Through her counseling and coaching, she helps people uncover their inner brilliance. She believes that children are the leaders of tomorrow and works selflessly to help parents nurture their child as per their inborn strengths.

Her success as an entrepreneur is attributable to her optimism and focus. All in all, it is her pleasant and pleasing manners and undying care for people that make people want to learn from her.

Ashwini , also the author of the upcoming book titled: "New Age Schooling" -  Sub title: "Best Practices on how school can go beyond academics and focus on actual student success".

Through her book, she intends to widen the horizon of parents and the teaching community to go beyond books and be a catalyst in the life of the child from a holistic development and education stand point.

Ashwini was recently awarded a Honorary Doctorate Degree from Indian Virtual University for Peace and Education for her extensive and selfless contribution towards Holistic Child Development on 27th May 2017.

Gene 2 Genius assessment report was awarded as the Best DMIT  Integrated report on 4th Feb 2017.

Ashwini and her team are also  Internationally Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultants since January 26th 2016

Gene 2 Genius is an established Holistic Child Development solutions company, having its presence in Bangalore since Nov 2011.

The team is optimistic and is on a mission to create a MILLION MIRACLES by empowering individuals by helping them know their strengths and potentials and also provides workshops and programs for holistic development of attitude, skills and knowledge.

Compelling Purpose: To create a positive and happy society through essential education and awareness tools

Mission: Empowering every individual to understand and work on their inborn strengths to discover their brilliance

Goal: To Make people believe in themselves. She believes in positively making a difference one person at a time


Dr Ashwini Lakshminarayana Shastry


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