Biometric Assessment

The Gene2Genius Assessment Report forms the fundamental input in designing the holistic development program for a child, as it helps us understand the inborn strengths of a child. In this step, we collect the child’s finger print and study the patterns using a specialized software. As an outcome of this step, we have a detailed report on several aspects of the child’s personality which includes preferred learning styles, grasping ability, hobbies, career preference and a lot more. This helps us design customized study plans, engage them in appropriate extra-curricular activities, aid them improve relationships with family and society.

The DMIT Tool

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) tool is based on the scientific field of study called Dermatoglyphics, which is used to understand the genetic composition of individuals. Research has shown that there is a link between the development of fingerprints and the development of brain, allowing us to study fingerprints and understand an individual’s intelligence and personality.

According to Howard Gardener’s Theory of multiple intelligences, human intelligence is of eight different types. Each of these types of intelligences are linked to a specific region of the brain. While each of us possess all types of intelligences to some extent, we are relatively better at some than at others. Our intelligence distribution across these eight types of intelligences decide our intrinsic strengths, abilities, and personalities. Since intelligence is strongly linked to brain development, and fingerprints are also linked to brain development, fingerprints can provide insight into the intelligence of a person.

DMIT is the tool that effectively gives the intelligence distribution by studying the fingerprints.