The holistic development programs/workshops are at the heart of our action. It is based on the input from the assessment report. We design customized actionable development plans for each child based on their individual personality types and preferred learning styles.

As a part of this workshop we first consult with the parent and explain their child’s report so that they can understand the distinctions of their child’s personality. Based on the child’s report, we present our development plan to the parent and seek their consent for action. It is required that the parent is equally participative for the effective roll out of the program.

Regular Workshops

WorkshopDescriptionPreferred Age GroupSynopsis
Personality Excellence/ BrandingBoosting up self image and confidence16yrs & aboveRead More
Time ManagementShowing the importance of adhering to time and valuing it10yrs & aboveRead More
Body LanguageUnderstanding the benefits of proper body language10yrs & aboveRead More
Roadmap to PassionUnderstanding and Working on passion 10yrs & aboveRead More
Career PlanningMaking the right career choice10yrs & aboveRead More
Relationship HandlingUnderstanding relationships10yrs & aboveRead More
Emotional IntelligenceHandling emotions10yrs & aboveRead More
Behaviorial TrainingAttitude and positive character building10yrs & aboveRead More
Parent/ Child RelationshipRelationship management2yrs to 50yrsRead More